About me

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone can sees it.” – Confucious –

Proudly mexican, actually I speak spanish, but I am going to write in english with the hope that international readers can know about me. 😀

I´m based in Mexico city, i´m 21 years old, Marketing student, my name is Mariana. I´m very happy to write about me and share a little few about my job, obviously makeup, fashion, photography, and music too. I love it!!! 😀

As you can see, my firsts posts were in 2013. Yes! I´m back. 🙂 Any of you ever been afraid to do something new? Oh! This is my case, some circumstances made me feel frightened of the situation and deserted, but then i thought that if i wash´t risking me, never going to get something GREAT, so here I am! Sharing with you what i LOVE most in this life.

One day my sister told me that if I wanted to be in the big leagues, I HAD TO BE A MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYER. How right is this!

So, TAKE THE RISK! No matter when, where, who,what, everything you can DO and BE. As Picasso told: “Everything you can imagine is real.” Let´s Go! 😀

This blog will be my own space, I am going to share my thoughts, passions, trends about hair style, makeup, fashion, interesting things. You can feel the freedom to think and ask what you want.

Hope you like my blog and smile all your beautiful life. 🙂

Mariana 🙂






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